‘MPs, MLAs have no duties and responsibilities’

Posted on 30/12/2016

MLA s and MP s of India

Lok Sabha secretariat, in reply to a RTI, said that there is no provision neither in Constitution of India nor in Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha that defines the duties and responsibilities of MP and through which non performing MP’s can be held accountable.

The responsibilities of the Members of Parliament in India are not defined within the Constitution, only the powers are (Article 246 in The Constitution Of India 1949).
Not only this state assemblies of Bihar, Haryana, Assam, Kerala and many other have responded with the same answer.
Only in Sikkim, Assembly has provision specifying duties and responsibilities of MLA towards house. It says
It is their prime duty of MLA to maintain communal harmony and peace among people of their respective constituencies.

MP’s of both house and MLA’s of most state assemblies have actually no responsibilities and accountability towards people and union of India.
Ultimately, the only possible way to have accountability for MPs and MLAs is to bring competition within politics where politicians who are responsible and perform their duties are elected and re-elected, and those who don’t are not. More good people must enter politics to ensure such competition.

Source : Times of India

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  • Rohit


    Rather then responsibility we have to work on accountability of MPs and MLAs. In article 368,article 111 and article 100 role is given as a legislator . Article 102 define office of profit and article 101 for absent from house then seat may declared as vacant.
    Also, MP is allocated Rs 5 crore per year for initiating developmental works in his constituency.

    Though such provisions exist, there is no provision either in the Constitution or in the Rules of Procedure to measure the performance of MPs. Thus, there is no provision for a minimum number of hours that an MP must spend in Parliament MP, or on a minimum number of questions asked by an MP.

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