Dates crops have been planted in the deserts of Rajasthan.

Posted on 30/12/2016


JAISALMER: On the lines of Gulf countries, . The effort is opening up huge possibilities for date production in Jaisalmer district.
Jaisalmer, the desert district of Rajasthan, has entered into the era of modern agriculture side by side with traditional farming has methods. The date palms have already started growing, thanks to the help of scientists and experts. Earlier growing date in the state’s deserts was a long cherished dream.
The agriculture sector working on Indo-Israeli collaboration, started the date research at Sagra-Bhojka farm and after its success, efforts are being made to start a centre of excellence to develop date using Israeli techniques.
A tissue culture farm has already been set up on 104 hectare area on experimental basis at Sagra-Bhojka on the Jaisalmer-Jodhpur highway. Altogether nine varieties of date imported from Gulf countries were developed through tissue culture at the farm and these plants were grown. In total, 15,268 saplings were planted on 97.5 hectares of land. Four bore wells were dug for cultivation and facilities for drip irrigation have been installed in the entire farm.
The date palms were planted in January 2009 and by September 2011, a total 15,268 palms were planted. After four years of plantation, the effort has and borne fruit and the quality and taste of dates from 500 palms are very good.
For date production and processing dates post production under the Indo-Israel action plan, the agriculture and cooperative department and the national horticulture mission managed by the Union government for setting up of the date excellence centre, will develop facilities at a cost of Rs 600 lakh to train farmers. In this centre, experts from Israel and the state will train farmers about the techniques related to production of dates and post production management.
After construction of the centre of excellence, the agriculture department by organizing seminar related to date management will inform about the crop, maintaining nutrients for the land through fertigation management, pollination method along with ultramodern equipment required for the farming. In times to come, Jaisalmer will be providing sweet dates to the country and abroad.


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