Multi Level Parking in Jodhpur

Posted on 05/03/2016


The two major projects of Jodhpur city to maintain the parking in the busiest routes have come to standstill due to work closure. The multilevel parking of Nai sadak and underground parking of Gandhi maidan are at halt from the past four months.

The projects were stopped after the government order came out on February 23 2014.
We have finally received permission from the government to restart the work. But due to lack of space for traffic police on Nai sadak and payment issues with contractor on Gandhi maidan, work still remains halted , said Hari Singh Rathore, CEO of the jodhpur municipal corporation.

Earlier, the orders to stop the work were also issued on some casual complaints by the traffic police for Nai sadak area. Sources said, The traffic police were some space issues around the place of multilevel parking lot. Some officers have complained about the same to the state government. The project is near to the police control room so even the casual complaint was addressed and the project which has started with the mission to control the traffic of this area was stopped.

The city project are under the research team Institution of Road Traffic Education, Delhi, however the pending project the call of attention.

Team expert Aman Singh Bedi, says about road engineering  and strict implementation of traffic rules, said, “ Every city experiences accidents due to speed and irresponsible drivers. But rarely, the road engineering and problems related to it are looked into”

With parking space being one of the key issues to control the traffic problems in these areas, there are even many other problems in the city that  call for attention according to the experts. These include shrines on the rad the are problematic, uneven placement of traffic signals, no sync between the signal on circles and several issues.

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    Current nagar nigam budget had any scope for above parking

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    गाँधी मेदान में मल्टी लेवल पार्किंग अप्रेल 2013 से बनना चालू हुआ जो कई खामियो के चलते अभी तक पूरा नही हुआ हे| तब इसकी लागत 18 करोड़ थी जो अब 25 करोड़ हो चुकी हे||
    ओर नई सड़क मल्टी लेवल पार्किंग मे शुरुआती प्रॉजेक्ट मे 750 वाहन पार्क होने थे लेकिन पुलिश कंट्रोल रूम ओर नगर निगम की ज़मीनी विवाद के चलते इस प्रॉजेक्ट को देरी का सामना क्रना पड़ा| अब इसकी क्षमता मे कमी करके राज्य सरकार को फाइनल प्रस्ताव भेजा जा चुका हे जिसका जवाब आना बाकी हे||

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