Traffic Problem @ Jodhpur in 2017: What will happen in 2030

Posted on 30/12/2016


Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan, is one among the popular tourist destinations of India. It is known as the “Sun City” because of its bright and sunny weather. Jodhpur, with a current population of 12.65 lakhs (projected from 2001) is one of the fastest growing cities of the country with an annual average growth rate of 3% slightly more than that of the nation’s urban growth. On an average about 4000 tourists visit the city every day. It is envisaged that by the year 2030, the population within the Jodhpur Region will be about 28 lakhs. This would translate into about 1.97 lakh peak hour motorized trips in the year 2030, which will be about 3 times the present day peak hour trips.

The road network of Jodhpur currently 700 km. In that only 34% having two lane and 9% four lane. In four lane some area encroachment by the people. In Jodhpur almost 15 lakhs vehicle register out of which 18% four wheeler and 45% two wheeler.

In a year around 400 people in Jodhpur died due to Road accident. If we really want to do something for Jodhpur traffic problem then we should promote the public transport rather than our own car.

We should ask government for BRTS and Metros rather than purchasing the Car and bikes .

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