Border Area Barmer without RAC Rajasthan Armed Constabulary

Posted on 26/05/2016


In Barmer whether any VIP visit  or any type of Mela and other celebration is there we have to sent Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC)   from Jodhpur. Jodhpur is 200 km away from Barmer.In barmer there is no RAC battalion  is present for security. In 120 javans consist of one battalion.

!8 year before there was one battalion and on Gadara circle Barmer one land was allotted.  1998 to 2001 RAC was there but state government single order changed the office from Barmer to Jodhpur.

Now barmer is border area and it is much more sensitive than any other district.


Hopefully Surender Goyal and Rajveer singh Thakur might resolve the above problem.


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