I am cool.

Posted on 26/12/2016

Being real cool.

A university scene: – It is a full bright normal day. Students are coming. Rather I would say students are coming in their cars, splendid bikes wearing Levi’s jeans and Wrangler’s t-shirt carrying I-phones in their one hand and a fast-track watch on the other one and bags on their back, again not any bag but the expensive one. No, there is nothing special, as I told you it is a full bright normal day. They are going to their classes. Alas, every-time they deviate and take the road to canteen. They are going to canteen not to eat something but to smoke something. After all it is cool to smoke!

There are a lot of such cases revolving around our lives. Why we do this. To look different and cool. This general tendency to distinguish ourselves from others has made us fools, greedy, crooks, murderers, criminals, rapists and what not. The very next question arises that what is wrong in this. I would argue that there is nothing wrong in being like the superstars, act like the rich, and walk like the heroes, But the problems arise when we go further deep in it, when by our acts of commission or omission we endanger other social values. I hate it because it has far reaching repercussions on our life. It is bearable till an extent but it becomes fatal when we unknowingly follow this tradition.

Let’s accept that some person love adventurous actions like riding bike on a supersonic speed or drinking one bottle of beer in one gulp etc. It is justifiable to the extent that we do it just for our enjoyment. But what happens is a complete different story. Today whoever is riding bike at prescribed speed is considered a geek. Our own friends would laugh at us if we ride with a driving Licence. We brag about our clashes with traffic police and how we escape without being fined. We declare a person nerd when he refuses to drink. Today children know the names of brands of cars and don’t know names of our presidents. They know the heights of all the WWE wrestlers and don’t know the names of all the states of India leave alone union territories. I have seen people discussing about Underworld Mafia dons and their nexus with politicians but if asked about K. Subrahmanyam, Sam Manekshaw, Rameshwar Nath Kao they would make faces.

What is frustrating is that we do this merely to look cool. We listens to some western type of music (even when we don’t like that, but just to look cool) and giggle when somebody plays “Hai preet Jha ki reet sada, me geet waha ke gata hu”. We keep our rooms studded with photos of Che Guevara and we don’t know who “Hasrat” and “Bismil” were.

I despise this moronic tendency because knowingly or unknowingly we create wrong standards. I myself have done that. Think if we all start loving our freedom fighters (the real heroes) and start ignoring those bollywood fake heroes who create more controversies than movies. Think if we all start praising someone who is good at studies and extracurricular activities and start hating those who laugh at our teachers behind their back. Think if we start cheering on our those friends who are always ready to help those in need and start criticizing our those friends who are prodigal. Our society would change overnight.

It is right that we all want to be cool. We should be cool. But what is cool or whom we should consider cool. In general, today our definition of cool is bogus. Having a different type of hairdo or buying a Harley Davidson or speaking English is not cool instead solving complex theorems of mathematics or being an alumnus of a highly prestigious college or revealing nefarious criminal activities or composing songs which give us goose bumps every time we listen to them or having a goal of eradicating poverty from every nook and cranny of this world or having a goal of making whole world arm-less or having a goal of creating a policy for smoother world trade is cool and should be considered cool.

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