What is failure means…loser or winner

Posted on 02/04/2016

What make you winner and what make you loser. I think there is only single difference between winner and loser and that is that a loser gives up easily but the winner waits in the battle field for five minutes more than the loser.
There is no doubt that in our life Failures will come and go but it is on ur determination and it is ur test of time whether u give up to the circumstances or u keep fighting and fighting and the day won’t be far away and you will first shine yourself and then u will shine to outshine others but for that u need to fight in those circumstances.
A loser is one who fails and give up but a winner is the person who even after being defeated keeps up fighting and fighting . Thus in the same manner we need to have fighting spirit within so that no circumstance can defeat us and can make us a loser
and I wish we are one of the SAME.

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