Law: a noble profession

Posted on 15/11/2017

Lawyer…who is called an intellectual person in our society. He found his place in the Sexpears writing, he also become character of award winning movies and Most of freedom fighter werelawyer and  many more things about this profession which I can not write at once.

Earlier Indians were not allowed to do argue in Court. Only Britisher we allowed. Latter on Indians were allowed in lower court but not in Higher Court and after long struggle Indians were also allowed too. That time Indians used to go abroad to law studies and after Independence of India many law collages were established in India and India at present have many big name lawyer.

The Bar Council of India who enrolled advocates and make rule & regulation etc… but BCI also looks silent on the issued of stipend of the Junior Lawyer. A Senior Lawyer can’not become senior without the assistant of his Junior. I always see many big offices have numbers of junior but they give nothing to Junior and because of that most talented law graduate do not dare to join litigation as their profession and I also see that for CA articles they were given stipend by ICAI but these stipend never ever reach to articles.

Again Magistrate rank examinations,  After a rote learning  and typical interview the Law graduate become Judicial Magistrate who is given one or two year training… but whether     this training is sufficient to make qualify to play with victims files. if supposed 3 or 5 year litigation experienced person after Judicial Examination given appointment then there is more chance to fair and just decision and also increase the capacity of disposal of cases.

Indian lawyer does not wish to go for meditation between parties. Once I listened from an intellect when he was advising to his client for divorce with showing the dream that She will get government Job after Divorce from divorcee quota.


I am also a lawyer. I am also part of this but I always wish for young lawyer… from young lawyer.  That we will make our profession better….


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