Valentine Week 2019, 8 Days To Express Your Love:

Posted on 08/02/2019

Valentine Day is celebrated all over the world on February 14, every year to express your love with someone special. Valentine Week 2019has started from Thursday, on 7th February with Rose DayValentine Week is celebrated mainly among the youngsters with great joy, excitement and enthusiasm who are in Love, relationship and friendship.

You get to enjoy eight days during Valentine’s week, which includes Rose dayPropose DayChocolate DayTeddy DayPromise DayHug Day, and Kiss Day followed by the big day – Valentine Day!

The celebration of Valentine’s Day in India began to become popular following economic and social liberalisation. The various social and religious group have condemned Valentine Day as an unwelcome influence of Western culture on our Indian traditional culture. Some also consider this a scam by corporations for their economic gain, as India is a supermarket for their business.

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