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Posted on 16/01/2019

Mirchi bada

The Blue City of Rajasthan, Jodhpur, is a city of traditions, culture, heritage and food lovers. Rajasthan’s second largest city after its capital Jaipur, Jodhpur is everything you’d expect. Oh, and it’s home to some fantastic options for breakfast too; think classic north Indian flair mixed with a dash of international favourites. We here present famous breakfasts of Jodhpur, especially taken in this loving winter season.

Jodhpur is another name For Food Lovers. In the proper language of Marwadi, The Foodie or The Food Lovers are known as The खावनखंडा’. And they eat and take proper joy while eating. They eat their Food with full Love and Enjoyment even they used to serve their Guests with the same अपनत्व and Enthusiasm. The Way of Showing Love is very different in Jodhpur.

Every Good Meal starts with the Engine of the meal that is Breakfast. So here, by presenting the List of Famous Breakfasts of Jodhpur prepared in the Homes/Shops of Jodhpur in Morning.

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