NIFT Students Painted India’s Cleanest- Jodhpur Railway Station In Traditional Themes –

Posted on 28/10/2018

Jodhpur Railway Station

Jodhpur Railway Station, the Cleanest Railway Station in India as Announced by Railway Ministry is renovated by NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) Jodhpur students with bright and vibrant colours in form of attractive paintings to showcase the traditional Marwadi look.

Under the ‘Joy of Giving Week‘ celebrated at Jodhpur NIFT, some of the students around 40 took the initiative to refine the railway station in an ethnic look with the skill of their art. For this, they have selected five places on the railway station rejuvenating with the attractive paintings.

The team of NIFT students has painted many archaic and breathtaking paintings with their imagination and vibrant colours inside the railway station. The images of this ethnic makeover were shared by Jodhpur Mayor Shri Ghanshyam Ojha.

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