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Posted on 30/03/2018

Girls in Jodhpuri Saafa

One of the unique features which adds colour and grace to the Jodhpur city is men wearing turbans that are bright and multihued. Jodhpuri Saafa, known for their beauty, respect and elegance, as its connected with emotions and expressions. These turbans are called by varieties of names depending on cloth colour and design, like multi-coloured Panchrangi Saafa, Chundari, Gajsahi etc.

Rajasthan is a land of varied headgears, which identify the wearer’s ethnicity, economic status and community. Turbans known as ‘Saafa’, ‘Pagadis’ in the local language mostly used in Rajasthan- reflect the caste, culture, profession of the person.

Rajasthan is a rich state of culture, Honour, Valour and heritage. There are many varieties of Turban, Saafa (traditionally called in Aapno Jodhpur), Pagri. This is a traditional headwear for men, is the most popular men’s accessory. In Rajasthan, the turban (Saafa) is a matter of pride and respect for one and all.

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