Lynching is really a crime or In the name of it Govt plays with our rights

Posted on 02/09/2018

Mob Lynching In Rajasthan

Lynching is the crime said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi but what kind of lynching and he is planning to have the law on it. Will it be not affect our rights to express?

There is the news where Home Minister of Rajasthan Gulab Chand Kataria  is considering framing a law to curb increase in cases of mob lynching  after discussions with legal experts and assessing existing laws which are in place to prevent such crimes.

This comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s directives to the state government to file an affidavit with details of action taken in the  lynching case in which Rakbar Khan was allegedly beaten by cow vigilantes  on July 20.

The apex court has also issued directions to the government to provide preventive, remedial and punitive measures to deal with offences such as mob violence and cow vigilantism. In the past one year, Alwar has seen three deaths due to alleged cow vigilantism. Pehlu Khan and Ummar Khan were the other two victims of mob lynching.

“We will be filing our affidavit with the Supreme Court. We are also thinking of bringing a law to prevent mob lynching. However, we are yet to finalise its shape,” Kataria said.

He said that only framing such laws won’t guarantee that such incidents don’t recur. “We have Section 302 in law. But it doesn’t act as a deterrent to serious crimes like murder. We should take serious punitive action against such criminals to set an example,” he said.

The Rajasthan government has drawn flak from various quarters over slow progress in the Rakbar Khan case. The police has suspended its investigating officers and sent three policemen to the lines for serious lapses in judgement while handling the situation.

Rajasthan has shown initiative in promulgating some path-breaking laws in the country. It is the second state after MP to have promulgated a law for death penalty to child rapists. It is now setting up 35 courts to speed up trials of the accused charged under the POCSO Act.

We hope that this law being made for the protection of the people who are really affected not the leaders who used dirty politics and make Rajasthan people fool. Already people of Rajasthan are losing the trust in present government leadership and it may be possible we can see the third front in Rajasthan Politics in upcoming election.

Everyone against the mob lynching and it should not be happen but hope government will play a sensible role to create a law which will not become the issue for every other people in Rajasthan.


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