Karnataka- gets 2 permanent High Courts in the districts of Dharwad and Gulbarga

Posted on 28/03/2017

Gulbarga HC

It was a historic day (4th July 2008) for the people of karnataka, where the long struggle to get the the permanent benches for the people of  North Western and North Eastern region of karnataka. This struggle was one such big dream come true for the people of northern region of karnataka. A final Justice had arrived at the doorsteps of karnataka in setting up the permanent benches in these two region.

Former Union Labor and Employment minister Shri Mallikarjun Kharge (MP from Gulbarga district) played a vital role in bringing up the permanent bench in Gulbarga under the article 371. This region caters Hyderabad-Karnataka people. and  the Dharwad high court caters the region of Mumbai-Karnataka people under the influence and guidance of Shri Jagdeesh Shetter (Former CM of Karnataka) was influential in many such reforms like the survana vidhana soudha legislative assembly setup in Belgaum district, establishment of South Western Railway (SWR) head quarters in Hubli-Dharwad and many other as he played a key role in bringing up this high court bench in Dharwad district.

Advantages of setting up these High courts in two districts:

1. People are greatly relieved of burden of travelling to Bangalore (nearly 400 kms) for court cases.

2. High speed disposal of cases and better tracking of the records.

3. Great employment opportunities for the region of north karnataka people.

The people of karnataka especially the northern region are benefited after these two high courts set up not just economically but also through recognition for educational, culture and region wise development.

From the above article, I personally wish to see one such Legislative assembly is set up in western Rajasthan too.. Is it up-to we people to bring such moves or wait for the politicians??…Lets begin the movement.. waiting for the people to join hands

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