Beauty of western Rajasthan

Posted on 28/03/2017

Hello all,
My journey from Bangalore to jodhpur is one of the best till date now.. due to so many interesting facts that pulled me to settle in jodhpur city is one of the best thing I have done. Being from southern part of India, the people of jodhpur gave me so such love, ambiance and warmth feeling that made me to forget my hometown (Bangalore).. i was so much excited to hear and know about jodhpur especially the Western Rajasthan region…
some key information i have jolted about the city of jodhpur
1. Future or smart city is around the corner- to be recognized, 2nd largest city after jaipur.
2. Jodhpur know also as sun or blue city.
3. Main attraction: handicrafts, forts and food.
4. Education: IIT, AIIMS, NIFT, and NLU @ jodhpur
5. Cultural hub of the western rajasthan
6. Pre-Independence: first railway connectivity to karachi through marwad region, and business route during pre-independence towards persia and iran.
7. Aviation: Before independence, Jodhpur airport got recognized as International Standard due to commercial flights flying to Cairo and other African countries.
8. Hydro carbon hub in the western part of rajasthan (solar, wind and fossil fuels).
9. Availability of Land/man ratio is excellent. good himalayan water canal system.
10. Raw materials about 63 types are available in the western part of rajasthan.
11. Local crops, cattle can survive with minimum amount of water available that’s the beauty of this region.
12. Western Rajasthan exports about 80% of Cumin (jeera) to all over the world.. about 200 crore export money to the Government.
13. Crops like pearl millet (Bajra), moth beans and besan (Used for making Bhujia, crispy snacks) are produced in western rajasthan parts of Bikaner, Barmer and Jodhpur. and are exported to all over india and world wide.
14. Geographical aspects: like presence of red stone, marble, granite, and limestone is maximum and needs good recognition and value for sale.
15. Energy hub: Barmer district produces 25% of crude oil and supplies to india, Jaisalmer district produces maximum wind energy that can be harvested and utilized.
Therefore, an overall view of this western rajasthan must be clear from my above points. above all this i see a lack of employment opportunities for the youth here in-spite of being intelligent and hard-working.. I request the state government to wake up and create an employment opportunities so as to stop migration of the youth to other big cities and towns.. I would also request the state Government to give the local language (Marwadi) its importance and value as well as global recognition..

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