Pros and Cons of Codeigniter Development Company

Posted on 22/08/2019

PHP code is developed by web designers in several ways. This task is done effortlessly, as they combine PHP code with so many frameworks of web. The same is even easier for users to get common web development frameworks. In recent days, CodeIgniter is one of the widely used PHP.

CodeIgniter is changing continuously with time to meet the emerging Web Development trends. Recently, CodeIgniter 3.1.6 appeared with updated Redis sessions drivers and Memcached with several bug fixes. So if you are a PHP developer, you must know the pros and cons of it.

Pros of CodeIgniter

Supports Web Page and Database Caching

CodeIgniter further helps programmers in the speed of web applications just by adding both database and page caching. This very thing is effective when it comes to server load.

Built-in Security Features

CodeIgniter keeps thing simple for programmers as it gives secure PHP applications by offering many features. It helps programmers to protect the web application from common security threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, and remote code execution too.

The footprint is smaller

CodeIgniter is solely designed as a lightweight PHP framework, and unlike others, it has a very small footprint. The very thing makes CodeIgniter much faster than other widely used web frameworks for PHP. Also, the 2MB download eliminates performance lags and the developers do not need to focus on the optimization of the website performance.

Set up is easy

PHP programs can easily be set up both by experts and the novice. This task doesn’t even take much time. This has a clear documentation and robust community support which makes it easier for PHP programmers to use Codeigniter Web Development in so many web applications.

Modern Separation Concept

It’s not like other PHP frameworks, because it refrains from forcing PHP programmers to implement model-view-controller pattern. However, it still encourages developers to speed up the development of huge and complicated web applications by adding MVC in a different method.

Extend and Customize

As mentioned earlier it has a smaller footprint, and this is what makes this easy to extend and customize for PHP developers. The workers can have custom libraries, class extensions, plugins, and so many things from it.

Cons of CodeIgniter

No emphasizing on code maintainability

In recent days the developers go for clean and readable structured codes. This good quality makes things easier for enterprises to maintain, modify, and update web applications faster in the future. It’s not like other modern PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is not supportive in the modular separation of code by default.

No Exhaustive Libraries

The libraries provided by CodeIgniter are not as exhaustive as the libraries provided by other modern PHP frameworks.

However, CodeIgniter is a lightweight web framework. It may lack some of the robust features provided by modern PHP frameworks like Laravel, but it’s nonetheless effective. If you are a PHP developer you should do a Laravel vs CodeIgniter comparison before choosing the right framework.

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