How much does a filter press machine cost?

Posted on 27/06/2019

Every time you service your filter press, you put someone at risk. You’ve been running a steady stream of hazardous chemicals through your system, resulting in eminent danger for the employees who clean and maintain the press. Reducing the amount of maintenance your filter requires reduces risk of injury to your workers and your exposure to expensive litigation.

The initial price you pay for your filter system is far from the true cost of that system. Your filter press is consuming tons of costly energy and labor that all amount to massive dollar figures. All the money you spend on power to run your system, hydraulic fluids for your process, and even paying operators to maintain the area around your filter system adds up over time, making filter press systems cost inefficient. Using Filter technology allows you to install a filter with no moving parts and solids removal can be measured in minutes, all controlled from the comfort of your control room.

A variety of filter press options, depending upon the specific needs for cycle time, cloth life and degree of operator involvement desired. We offer automatic cloth washers, automatic drip trays, fully automatic hydraulic plate shifting systems, semi-automatic pneumatic plate shifters, membrane squeeze water skids, vacuum skids, filter cake carts, skid mounted precoat systems, and power packs.

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