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    Reason for Use (POU) meters are built to supply a submetering solution for the people properties that can’t be submetered by conventional submeters on account of plumbing designs that bring multiple pipes in to the apartment or office (stacked risers). The meters were specifically designed for stacked riser plumbing configurations typically seen in properties that use a central boiler to offer trouble.

    In a typical installation very small flow meters are installed inconspicuously on every hot & cold outlet to the shower/tub, toilet, sink, dish-washer and garments washer. Based on the manufacturer the flow meters either have a very transmitter built in or are attached to an interface board/ transmitter. The transmitters report usage information to some central Processing computer that therefore forwards the usage information with a billing center where bills could be printed and provided for the finish user.

    Equipment and installation costs are typically higher that traditional systems though the payback continues to be usually less than a year. When choosing a POU meter, a principal consideration ought to be that the meters might be read by Automated Reading System (AMR). This allows the house owner to choose from many billing companies and will not tie the property owner to equipment that may simply be read by a number of companies.

    Submetering is proven by clinical studies to scale back usage up to 39%. Although POU meters have been available for over decade they haven’t yet been trusted up to now. With all the current desire for green solutions and the ever rising water and sewer costs properties that previously cannot be traditionally metered are actually installing POU meters and benefitting from your same kind of usage reductions that properties with conventional plumbing have realized for decades. Since roughly 50% of apartments and 90% of buildings utilize stacked riser plumbing the advantages of submetering with POU meters have barely been touched.

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