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    In honor of St. Valentine, heres a far-reaching story about love. A man does something special and unique with wifes engagement ring by sending it out into space and tracking it.

    How Refrigerator Repair Companies Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking tracking devices have helped people track everything from packages and shipments to find potential thieves, to animals when using them for animal research and protection. Latest benefit to real-time tracking devices is to them with objects sent to position. That is what Shawn Wright of Calgary decided to try.

    Shawn originally got a starter engagement ring when he proposed to his now wife. He didnt have the money for a real ring, so he used an inexpensive one to propose to her on an intimate trip in Barcelona, Spain.
    Vultures GPS Tracking and Cameras Fighting Illegal Waste Dumping said yes, and wore the ring until he was within a position to purchase the ring he believed she deserved after every year of saving. However, he didnt want to give her fresh ring the old-fashioned way. He wanted to do something special with it.

    He decided he wanted to take action that would enchant the ring, along with that is how he came up with the idea associated with a GPS tracking device. It took quite a amount of planning in order to fashion a system that could get into space, as well as a way to retrieve the arena. While he knew the entire time that there was the risk of losing the ring for good, he still pushed forward and did all the research he could muster. Finally arrived to send the ring off.

    Before he did, he attached a GPS tracking as well as a GoPro so that he and his wife could watch its descent seeing that traveled all over. The ring and device was sent off in Calgary in October.
    High-Tech Easter Egg Hunts and GPS Tracking and Geocaching tracking device told him that the ring reached an altitude of 110,000 feet, landing about 300km away. Two-way radio an amateur radio license so can use a radio GPS tracker adhere to the ring and figure out where it was pointed in the world. He was keeping close associated with the ring in evenings and weekends, while still keeping the secret from his wife. He told The Weather Channel that he would tell her he was working late to not permit the surprise slip.

    He was eventually able to track the ring down and retrieve keep in mind this. He not only gave his wife a new ring, but one with an out-of-this-world story behind it.