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Posted on 12/03/2018

Negative Job references

Job references are the part of resume during the job search, sometimes mandatory for the experienced. They can either make or break your chance of getting shortlisted for a job. Ideally, Job aspirants should provide references of people who can vouch for their skills, attitude and knowledge. These are the people who are regularly in touch with professionally. However at times, your references become a nightmare for you, often curtails your chances of getting shortlisted for a job interview.

Job References can make or break your chances for the next step to catch a job. So be careful about who you mention as your job references to prospective employers to learn more about you when they take feedback for you from them. So, Make sure of your job references that, the right people are saying the right things about you. Here are some people you should never be mentioned in your reference list.

You should keep updated your references when you are going for a job interview and for which organization because you cannot predict how quickly the employers may call to verify your skills mentioned in your CV.

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