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Posted on 23/10/2017


At a level, while you are going to complete your graduation in commerce or have just completed it, the primary issue that comes for your thoughts is – What have to I do now? What are Career Options in Commerce subject? There would be hundreds of thoughts cross your mind about future plans but single clear idea emerges unless of course, you have been very focused and inspired by a specific career line.

Soon after graduation, friends, relatives, and well-wishers start asking you about your future career path. Almost without asking they turn into a career advisor or career counselor advising you about career and Job opportunities. Nobody is seriously interested to know about your favorite options or what are your inclinations about the industry or the job profile.

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In the current scenario, there is no dearth of career avenues or job opportunities for Commerce Graduates. All you need is a good knowledge, subject knowledge, good CV, smart interview skills and confidence to present yourself as one of the best candidates for the prospective employer. Some of the Career Options after Graduation in Commerce, which is currently being taken up are briefed above. AfterGraduation suggests you double check with a professional career advisor/career counselor before taking any step for your career.

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