How To Turn Seek Guidance Into Success? – AfterGraduation

Posted on 01/10/2017


There is never a bad time to seek academic guidance in your MBA courses. Professors love when students drop by for office hours to discuss assignments or any questions the readings might have brought up for you. You should especially seek your professor’s guidance if something in the course material is very confusing to you, if you’ve gotten a bad grade, or a combination of the two. Teachers do not like to hand bad grades back to students — I don’t, anyway — and most are happy and relieved when you come around to find out how to take corrective action.

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If you are feeling sad for days at a time, if you are experiencing loss of appetite and/or interruption of your normal pattern of sleep, you could be depressed, and you can visit After Graduation. You should also seek psychological guidance if you have thoughts about hurting yourself or other people, if you have an eating disorder, or if you’ve experienced a traumatic event.

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