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Posted on 21/09/2017

Company Sponsored MBA Pros and Cons

Management Education is having great demand in today’s world for more speedily career growth for working professionals. The MBA is geared for professionals who want to upgrade his skills with latest management techniques. The tuition fee for pursuing a management course from a good institute can run into Lakh of rupees. The big question is how to fund your course i.e. Self or Company Sponsored MBA?

loan for education with a generous assistance from parents, other relatives or bank is often the answer. However, if you are working in a great company, have proved yourself and a few years’ work experience then there is another option that may work – persuade your company to sponsor your MBA course.

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AfterGraduation Counselors advice to Company Sponsored MBA Aspirants that you should accept help only if you like your company and the company likes you else it is better not to ask for sponsorship. Post your query and comments on our Aftergraduation Forum and we would be happy to discuss.

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