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Posted on 15/08/2017

As India completes 70 years of Independence, this ‘Startup Nation’ has become an integral part of aspirational India. Prominent Start-up leaders affirm India as a global player in the digital economy and competitive with any country in the world. With receptive and responsive governments at the helm, the scenario appears bright for start-ups in India.

However, it’s important to set skill-building goals that’ll ultimately help you become more successful in your business. Whether it’s setting aside time to improve on your weaknesses or hire a coach to help you push into a new playing field with one of your strengths—investing in your skills is never a bad move.

While the debate rages on as to whether entrepreneurs are born or made, one thing can’t be disputed: polishing certain skills can help you be a better entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a risky business – 90% of all startups are thought to fail. Most entrepreneurs and motivated professionals know the importance of investing in themselves—building valuable skills and improving their strengths over time.

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Ultimately, the founders need a wide range of management and leadership skills to succeed. Whether they choose to learn those skills in the classroom or on the job, is up to them. If you have any queries or feedback regarding “Skills Needed For A Successful Entrepreneur”, please post on our Aftergraduation Forum and we would be happy to discuss.

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