Engineers Dominate UPSC Civil Services Exam – AfterGraduation

Posted on 05/08/2017

The graduate Engineers have come to dominate the Civil Services Exams with statistics of final selection backing them up as well. Traditionally, the coveted UPSC Civil Services Exam, also known as IAS Exam was a field dominated by Arts/Humanities background students.

However, with changing time and re-structuring of Civil Services Exam, there has been a visible rise in the number of candidates from Technical backgrounds, especially Engineers.

Are engineering graduates really capable in person to dominate earlier in Common Admission Test (CAT) and other MBA entrance exam and now in UPSC Civil Services Exam or the way of teaching and learning during their academics mold them to be successful for any exam or is the changed pattern of these exams supporting Engineers to dominate. Please discuss your inputs on our forum with others. Post your comments, queries and feedback on Forum.

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