Marugoonj, Goonj for the Development of Rajasthan

Who are We?

We are you, you are we.  This is the portal developed for the purpose of the people of Rajasthan who think, feel and want to share their thoughts, ideas in the medium of blogs, post, videos, images. You can join us and spread the possibilities of growth of Rajasthan.

Let your Goonj reached to the people and other states that Rajasthan is awaken and looking for the development in every area and we the people can be found on this networking portal where we can share relevant information to support the needs of Development.

Development can be achieved if we works together in each of the respective area. Marugoonj people can create their own volunteer team to conduct the work and share on this portal so people of Rajasthan who would like to give voluntarily services can join your work for the development of Rajasthan.

Join Us and Start your Goonj.